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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    I move right on the streets ,
    disturb me on my grind ,
    and you'll watch the gun sweep ,
    The park cats can't see a thing when I creep ,
    See'n kids playin around on the basketball key ,
    Brotha's still walkin dead inside of the city ,
    slugs flyin past they eyes ,
    bodies made souveneers from the semi ,
    I'm wonderin about the times gone which they pitty ,
    sadness comes when a cat like me has a jimmy ,
    I'm givin dime bags to dudes that want drugs ,
    the police see's me ,
    cops gotta add they input in the slums ,
    I'll catch em lazy in the cruiser lookin smug ,
    I'll reveal the heat ,
    and unload the clip in his mug ,
    I rhyme with the most magnificent flows ,
    My lyrics spittin like mack 10's ,
    leavin you soaked ,
    clean up the mess ,
    Trash the first aid remains and the lyrical toast ,
    Silence the on lookers ,
    Their absence is needed ,
    put that in my rap notes
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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    How deep does the rabbit hole go?
    Nobody knows. But if you're looking long enough, that means you're closer to home.
    The idea of a conscience that evades self interest
    takes an emotional toll...
    Because it provides the theory of free will as the fight, over your soul.
    Roll credits and b-footage, the scene is good...
    But the film is grainy. 20th century artwork, you can feel the pain.
    Picture of your youth, still engraved.
    Society manufacturing the brave 'till this day
    To usher in a generation they will enslave.
    How palpable is the tension? Let me know when you find out.
    It's all up in the cloud... no...
    Don't wish to get preachy, and all...
    Pictures of peace are withdrawn for inner city streets
    Throwing bleach on the lawn as a misguided act of rebellious youth...
    Rather be a casualty for statistics than telling the truth.
    They say there's shades of gray, but I don't see that in the melanin hue...
    Stories of the wayward used to incite the devil in you...
    The nationalist thinking is inline with the confederate views...
    Yeah, poetry of the mind...
    A remedy for the heart, a medley for the soul.
    "He's too hot headed; don't leave 'em in the cold...
    Misery loves company, and he doesn't want to be alone"...
    Not even in his home does he feel he is safe...
    Medicine can't deal with his traits
    Becomes a problem child when you seal the restraints
    Plus the doctors find appeal in his tastes...
    If it's a trial by fire, then... let me get the marshmallows...
    "He's a dark fellow... " Guess I agree.
    It's a test of belief. The curriculum changes, but the lessons repeat.
    Where the answers come out different from the questions you seek.


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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Justice can't ensure that you live an evilless life ,
    The flames scorch untouched and heat up ya ice ,
    Its hot outside and the sun doesn't intend to stop ,
    The claim is loveless so your possessions get caught ,
    I should stand firm in strength ,
    to never break or hesitate ,
    This world has its positive marks ,
    but I still ask if I'm safe ,
    The targets that I point at ,
    I need to ace ,
    These enemies are bad enough to take me off my way ,
    embattled people suffer in a state of fear ,
    My hopes will remain the reason I’m still here ,
    My focus is steadily becoming clear ,
    To bury my insecurity and weakness that puts me in tears ,
    The war for your soul is still on ,
    Dudes thirst for the cure for their obstacles in pill form ,
    My skills lay dormant ,
    What I heed to perform ,
    I never regret my actions so theres no need for alarm ,
    My fighter will continues to grow with every weapon ,
    My battle styles go the mile so I know I'm protected ,
    This top speed can catch you off guard in a second ,
    and the force of my power will overwhelm timid essence
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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    The hoodie is on my head ,
    My guns are fortified with clips and bullets ,
    Just for the outsiders and feds ,
    I shoot in the air makin it hot as a blaze ,
    I cause drama with a heavy tech ,
    be advised by the slugs that I spray ,
    The heat is a problem in the 216 ,
    Put you in a casket for cash to do runs wit ,
    Stick ya veins with the drugs in the syringe ,
    smoke dope ,
    the commodity that you do with your friends ,
    The game is workin ,
    we love it with a passion ,
    H3's steady movin ,
    the bulky type of vehicles in fashion ,
    I take the bread people need to spend every week ,
    My money is building up in the bank as we speak ,
    Hearts gonna break when the love is all lost ,
    Cat's is difficult to understand comin from a hard block ,
    That's why I sell rocks ,
    Needles get used ,
    the addicts can't test their resolve to stop ,
    Bakers smoke hash to take the pain away for time ,
    the high hits home ,
    they enter a mood that makes them feel alive ,
    I make bricks controlled by drug dealers ,
    a investment I keep in my eyes ,
    Got em hittin blow ,
    until I can get with the rhymes
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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Drop a rhyme from your soul ,
    you should feel like a flow monster ,
    I'll kill a rap from my repituar ,
    They rain away in my conscious ,
    I hold my hands ,
    the first things that I foster ,
    and I’m putting my time in like the bosses ,
    I talk the words that are in the minute spaces ,
    I nearly missed them when I spoke ,
    My mentality almost wasted ,
    Verbs bein spit in actions ,
    Their in an assortment of cases ,
    telling levels and stories of tales ,
    that's special combinations of placement ,
    My mind is racing in a world of its own makings ,
    Feeling within the bonds of the basics ,
    Matter is given as a question to the astute minds ,
    Thinking to free itself of the coarse reality it eyes ,
    My thoughts amass in a variety of forms ,
    as good ,
    or evil as in a crime ,
    MC’s rap as the life of the shows and tours ,
    And at the same time ,
    making millions of money signs
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