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Thread: Keystyle Cypher!

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Bag I'm a level above you man , why you think that I'm a buuie ,
    That fly stuff is ok but what you got to punch me like a 2 piece?
    Nothin , go back to your life of destitude and incomplete serenity ,
    I'll go off on this dude like a bomb blowin up with infinite energy ,
    uhh! ,
    I'mma ghetto dude having to do you wrong , your a half breed ,
    I got GMO seeds , putting magic in your food creating a bad cuisine ,
    I'm a murderer on my team , fork your thoughts up with a beam ,
    guide my shocks with bolts in many hues to turn you bitter green ,
    Sucka you know this is a dream , but I'll have to invade your sleep ,
    Go to sleep! , unconsciously smoke you like I had supplies of weed ,
    broke ya!,
    I'll beat you upside ya head with puns like "robbin hoods" stole ya ,
    and I'll eat you like a "pop tart" table top on ya carpet with a "toaster"!!! (get it pop tart and toaster/gun?)
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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    and bag since you wanna be fly...

    You could live in ghetto settings but never be in my presence ,
    I drop cats like you like sugar ray while the first rounds present ,
    Get em up! shake you down with a gun whole hood runnin ,
    Have you catchin the holy ghost wit my mossburg hummin , oh lord!
    You think this is ya show , you playin 20 dollar sack pyramid? ,
    Like you snoop dogg or somethin on chronic , are you serious? ,
    Sonny , I play the block I don't play no cookin or no pot shows ,
    the only pot shows I arrived in was shaft when he had a hot Fro ,
    I got the rock features , my body is like arnolds when he's on beaches ,
    and I ball wit "The Rock's" features , I'm heavy as "triple beama's" (get it crack rock, the rock and triple beam?, nah you don't get it too much stuff for you to analyze...)
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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Bag you try to talk to me about gin and juice , I should avoid ,
    Your the enemy , slugs enters you and I run away with the toy ,
    Bag , I press play on my boom box and then I listen to it crank ,
    You intervene , come close to me and I bet you get shanked ,
    If you talk trash to Soar Kaid , you'll get ya thoughts addressed ,
    I'll get off the deck of my porch and lay you in a box correct ,
    We aint to play on my moms cuz everyone of us got heaters ,
    You put ya idea's against the grain and my gang will creep ya ,
    Your worthless life is trash because of the hood , you can't cope ,
    You think you can approach Kaid and live and not get smoked? ,
    You know I'mma gangsta with a gun on my side like my dogs ,
    Bag you facin death by a god that brings the heat and the fog

    I just felt like dissing you 3 times. No reason. But really I wanted to get that fly stuff addressed that you put across. I just ripped you a new one in 3 ways. If its legal then why not?
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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    It's cool bro don't take it personally were all here for the same reason it's just a bit of light hearted fun

    But if it's legal why not? Because so is watching faggots fuck,
    coincidentally I didn't know what 'kaid' meant so I had a look,
    it stems from the Latin 'gaytus', well that backs that shit up,
    like the plastic plug jammed so far up your ass it's stuck,
    man that sucks that you want a man that sucks,
    I mean it really doesn't have any impact on us, I just think it's sad and ironic you kept your passion tucked cos you didn't have the nuts,
    Bringing up boxing, because, you know, sports n guys,
    You're 'sugar ray when the first is present' cuz you watch, you know, all the time,
    Seen every single bout, you know, more than twice,
    Even though he had one rounders in 3 out of, you know, 40 fights,
    tryna be manly ordering a fagacino drink in the diner,
    like "Oh, no thankyou, I only like my cream in womens vaginas",
    you can't change how you were born bro don't think it's a minus,
    you can just say it, move on & we'll leave it be- a considerably safe distance behind us

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