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Thread: Keystyle Cypher!

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    I said it before... they talk about shit that they can never endure...
    So come play my game, so we can settle a score.
    If you don't know much about hip hop, what you meddling for?
    In general, you're a bigger fucking nuisance, here, than genital warts...
    Fucking peon, no excuses... I hold the deuces...
    two in each hand... so, somebody lied to you, when they said that you was the man...
    On some "I don't identify" - gender bender shit...
    Eventually? You should see what I pencil, B. It's elementary.
    Silly, you're anecdotal 'facts', I quickly dismiss.
    You don't know history any more than Robert Ripley...
    I'm as toxic as Bobby/Whitney...
    My thoughts eclipse you, at supersonic speeds.
    If I am not one of the best, then we simply do not agree.
    I body beats with 16's; 1 minute free-verses.
    In one take - fuck rehearsing. Watch the cyclical, backfire...
    There's no middle road...
    Lyrics cut through your political satire. Ya quagmire.
    Such heinous acts, they redact what has transpired... I'm...
    Fired up, get your brake wires, cut - rolling a steep hill...
    You freaks feel... it is egregious.
    You're puzzled, so I'll fill in the pieces.
    The matrix program, decoded. But you feel you're still in the sequence...
    You look back, and see the same cat walk by...
    There's a discrepancy in the source code... Dash dot dash...
    Defaults to a Morse mode...
    Fuck what you have to say... there's no freedom of speech
    when they chains of oppression have been stashed away...
    Behind a more methodical ploy in which to catch their prey...
    it's no longer white sheets, but white collars...
    provisions and prejudice to keep you away from their conservative right dollars...
    The truth is that, money can buy overnight scholars...
    Institutions manufacture power, when grants go to the right college...
    Middle fingers as long as I got appendages...
    The pen is this extension, choreographed into sentences...
    That come to life, through messages...
    You're only part of the system, harping their own agenda,
    and making you a marginal part of existence.


    Vincent | Sammy | Vallus | Dose Blotter | Onceawhile | Celph Taut

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    I throw punches faster than Tyson
    You're cast into damnation what is your intention for fightin

    I crush my enemies in the end im victorious
    Officially or unofficially never doubt what i does's integrity

    I profess many things come test my abilities
    You must want heat the way you ignore your humility

    You'll forget to bleed go eat your abilify
    I started so limiting

    Used my head as a weapon
    A mixture of things got my enemies sweating

    All i do is to sport
    You peak your head to holla bout to get fucked in your court

    I'm a pitbull in a cage some step forth
    Open the damn door i wanna fly a plane in your newports

    I'll fly a plane into the committee
    blood gore blue blood dickheads and titties

    Step up the UN building with a van and sit it
    Blow up Stoltenberg while he thinks i'm kiddin

    Get my homie to shoot up the Rights Tribunal
    Bunch of dirty fuckers bout to get taxfree funerals

    Your pseudo intelligence got you itchin to mention roman numerals
    My flows on point youre just slow like bootycalls

    British people are beggars at heart
    Nothing ashames them they'll suck your dick for a landchart

    Got their asses kicked by an Indian guy in a diaper
    About the same time Winston franticly started looking for the lighter

    Thought it was a fart but no it was a stroke
    A scone sliding off the tip of his lips as he goes for broke

    Now theyre chanting "Britain" with a Russian guy as their leader
    The biggest circus they claim sovereignity of since Ceasar
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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Yeah, I am the leader.
    Got the fire of Jeter, acquiring the Miami Marlins; my mind's ether.
    A sign it gets deeper.
    The boy wonder. The man wonder. I drop it, while...
    They figure out a ballpark number to knock around.
    Who got the keys to the office, now? It's monumental. I'm back, Jack.
    A triple threat. 3000 pounds of pressure, dripping wet.
    Big chain around my neck - slavery glory.
    With my name on the first page to inform you it's a bravery story
    That you came to explore. My pain is euphoric.
    A lot at stake, like a chairman and the board of directors - there's blood in the water.
    So, don't let the coroner get ya.
    That's fair warning, don't get your head diced. Tony Spilotro.
    Inside of an empty warehouse, being pried from a head vice.
    With the wolves around me, like Head Ice.
    I'm dead nice. Mr.Rogers.
    My set like the green screen. Make anything happen - back wit' the dream team.
    Scoring baskets, before our practice.
    Too ill, you can't ignore the tactics.
    Finger roll. Let it linger, yo.
    I'm a sick puppy; it's only right that I bring it 'home'.
    This is my whole life. Immeasurable talent, but also illusive, like a drone strike.
    Dr. Arthur Daniels - ya'll nigga's got 'no bite'.
    Nor pedigree. There's no sense in ignoring the foreign enemy.
    My words? Impossible to decode.
    I got to sit, and explode. The doctor is in control.
    Yeah. Yeah. I lost the flow.
    It's possible, that I can't stop. But there's still lots to go.
    My middle finger goes up, like a virgin's erection.
    Was never nervous, expressing venomous thoughts when I first emerged in this section.
    While the sheep, flocked. They seek Taut to be the bearer.
    So bearer, I'll be. Exercising terror with the lyrics I key.
    Fuck it... I'm letting 'em learn, every word is likened to a chemical burn....
    A legend, deserved of being mentioned with the best that has served the decade, or more, this site has being going for. Door to door.
    Still knocking. 18 years later, hater, I'm still talking.
    Yeah... that's a lot of time to reflect your goals.
    I left the site, diversified, and did extra roles.
    While the underbelly was left, exposed. Rotting, but.
    Ya know, I came back and I did it... I know I couldn't leave it like that, so I didn't.
    But I also knew I couldn't do rap for a living, having a child.
    So, I had to balance my family life and trying to handle the site...
    I'm still sniping at competition... DC rifle's loaded...
    Trajectory, right into focus... but still complain, like they ain't notice the might, so it goes as...
    A way of saying the power's ill...
    How do you feel just, chasing the dream? Nobody is in a stasis
    But they embracing the seams, being pulled from out of the oasis, in need
    of outcome that is predictable.
    It sickens me. How quick they are to believe those that feed the snakes, out there, harboring greed.


    Vincent | Sammy | Vallus | Dose Blotter | Onceawhile | Celph Taut

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Then I stick 'em with a sword that was carved from a tree...
    Then twist it until their arteries bleed, making it harder to breathe
    For 'em. Yeah. There's blood in the water...
    for me to chug. I'm-a slaughter the family. See me, outside of your window.
    Eyeing your kin folk.
    The design has been simple, for a long time. What I ink, though?
    Fire. Need a hydrant to take over.
    Hail Hydra, the male geyser of hate. Cobra Kai, annihilating your fate.
    You better off minding your mouth before you're finding your face
    inside of a Mason Jar, on the Futurama show.
    Sal Vulcano, bro. You go back in time; fucking a boy.
    My fists take off like rockets - you T off, and my knuckles, deploy.
    Your family will be jumping for joy once they see a picture of you...
    Alive, before I rip it, in two. Then show them a clip
    of you, being fed to a wood chipper, for proof.
    Their lid will quickly shoot. Hitting the roof.
    I'm too sick, ruthless wit' the booth.
    Your clueless, and a fluke to me. Who can see the prowess being divulged? Yeah.
    So many skulls, in my shrine. And all 'em combined
    in a hall column, of mine.
    I mean, y'all calling the line, hoping it'll ring. And ring, it will.
    Shit, I've been thinking, still. I'm Ill, the real Lincoln, chill.
    Red dot - but it ain't a slow blinking film...
    So, the battery ain't dead.
    Life ain't black and white - it's Grey's Anatomy, instead.
    That Captain Marvel flow. Pull gravity, ahead.
    I'm weaving through schemes. The nightmare - right here, that you only see in your dreams.
    You wake up, go online, just to read what it means.
    There's no cliff notes. But it's dope.
    The firemen, putting shell casings down, through a slick scope.
    I only fuck +9 out of 10's, so if I'm fucking your girl, I'm giving that bitch hope.
    Yeah, it's a slippery slope dissing your folk.
    You fuck with me, and your kids will be broke. That's how far the bloodline, is affected.
    I already signed the objective.
    Shit gets closer than CSI and a private detective. I'm the guy that basically outlined the directive.
    It's an open and shut case, fuck face. You can't single me out.
    You're in your own head so much, you can't get over your own lingering doubt.
    But, technically speaking. I'm the demon, talking in your ear.
    I'm the one, in that corner office, that you share.
    While your boss is in a chair, made of Alcantara.
    Asking you for the assignments. This forum board is my prime, it's
    war over rhymers. The more that you mind us.
    The more you'll see those warrior liners.
    You're an Oreo, tied to selling out your soul, over liars.
    But I already put those borders, behind us.
    You're in the emergency ward, with survivors.
    The New World Order is designed
    for you vaginas. Fucking pussies; blue waffle.
    Saying that our music is too hostile.
    Pushing it through your fucking glued nostrils.
    How else can you explain your loss of smell?
    Pheromones are rampant - you can't talk or yell, without
    climbing out of your own Lobster shell.
    Fucking shit going out, like toilet paper in a Costco sale.
    Your mind is a slave to the building blocks of jail.
    In a state prison. But me, I'm on a straight mission coming from an innate vision.
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    Vincent | Sammy | Vallus | Dose Blotter | Onceawhile | Celph Taut

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    They listen, but are not hearing me, like Blake Griffin
    So, my ideology of music, is this.
    If you can exist in the same world treating you inhumanely, and not fire back?
    Then, you is a bitch.
    It's that simple - I don't need to prove to you, this.
    You're a loser, who has been using the ship your slave owners provided to you.
    I don't know what you are trying to do.
    But, reality of the matter is? You're a simp.
    Door to door. You simply cannot ignore your pimp.
    Covid 19 is rampant, and y'all buying toilet paper? Stocks are plunging.
    Y'all have lost your judgment, and functionality.
    It's not a matter of biological warfare, anymore... it's the sheer audacity we're here to ignore.
    Pandemonium, to the point we don't know where to explore.
    Misinformed, and misdirected. Spending 1000 dollars, online, to get you bottles of disinfectant.
    The idiocy's real. I don't get the silly appeal.
    Act like you're spreading awareness.
    Just to ignore the bible talk you get from your parents.
    They're equally ignorant. You breathe, and you live for it. I'm just wondering, what kind of shit is this?
    What's the significance? What is the interest which
    You're pushing to fit your narrative? Covid 19 affects 3% of general population, and you're scared of it.
    Well, excuse me, but... if I recall, we still have bigger threats that exist
    Like terrorists... chemical warfare, and the global spending measures
    that far outweigh the next generations inheritance...
    Long live prosperity... If I die, who are the 6 that will carry me?
    While I'm falling back on a trust building exercise...
    The next attack is weaponized... The TV is on, but the revolution will not be televised.


    Vincent | Sammy | Vallus | Dose Blotter | Onceawhile | Celph Taut

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Let me tell the wise how the end is near, peep the time we in!
    Crazy How alcohol can turn tough guys into whining men
    It’s a crying game,
    Time and time again, mascara runs the fine line between the ties and trends
    Here’s A lime for your corona, now go on and leave behind a kin
    I’m still rhyming. Still tryin to find the lines within
    Jack Torrance, rap morbid, I’ll die tryin to find the shine again
    My movie bars’ll have these sharks go into hiding, son
    So tell me, now, what the fuck is a Jaws to a Leviathan.
    Cyph Alumn, Sammy and Celph inflicting pain, to go against us...well...
    Its suicidal. My crew’s vital your cruise...1912
    Dirty tactics, your verse are slap sticks fumbling over your words
    You Charlie chaplains, I’m Charlie Manson, have bitches doing my dirt
    Y’all on some thin ice. One more peep and yo it’s fuck life
    Yup, I’m dumb nice. I don’t sing, One swing will have’em duck twice

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