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Hulu not working on Roku,How to fix?

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There are many times when out binge watch gets interrupted because of the error in Hulu while streaming and Hulu not working on Roku. In such situation it is very natural t get in panic but do not worry there are some easy fixes by which user can easily fix it.

How to fix Hulu not working on Roku?

Follow the below steps in order to troubleshoot the issue of Hulu not working

Check your device- This could be the result of user using the device which is not supported. User need to check the device if it is compatible or not. If yes then you also need to get it updated.

Check the internet connection- if you are facing buffer while streaming and Hulu not working on Roku then make sure that your internet is well connected and caching nice speed. If in case you have low internet connectivity then contact the internet service provider and ask the for the solution. Speed should be more than 8 MBPS. To check that press home button five times then press rev Scan button 3 times and then select fwd scan button two times.

Reset Hulu - Last but least, user need to try to reset Hulu in order to resolve theHulu not working on Roku issue. It will assist the you to fix streaming and other app problems. To perform go through a certain procedure. Firstly Open the Main Menu on Roku, then user need to highlight the Hulu app, once this is done user will be required to press the Asterisk symbol on the remote. After that press on the Remove Channel option. Next, user will have to make a power cycle by turning off the TV for two minutes. They will also require to open the Roku Channel Store then look for Hulu, choose the Add Channel option. And last step is to open the app.

Update the app- Hulu ends updates on very frequent basis make sure you app is fully updates. In case it is not then go to the settings and click on updates. If it will be showing updates available then select it and download all the updates.

These were the following ways through which user can easily fox the Hulu not working on Roku, You can checkout the easy guide to Troubleshoot Hulu Error 94. if any more information or details are needed then contact customer care service number or visit the website for more updates or user can even drop a mail on official mail address. Their representatives will connect to you as soon as possible and try to solve your every query.
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